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Over the past year since this pandemic started I have noticed a lot of people are having awakenings. More people are coming to me asking me about spirituality. With the world being forced to stop and slow down, we’ve had no choice but to sit with ourselves and finally acknowledge what’s going on inside of us and what’s going on in the world.

When I used to think of spirituality I thought of it as some superior way of life, one that I was scared to look into as it felt out of my depth.

So what is spirituality and where do you start?

For a while I have struggled to explain this without going down a rabbit hole. Ha

On a whole… We are all spirits. We are all souls in a human body. We are already spiritual, having a human experience.

Most of the time we are conditioned to the societal way of life that we forget who we truly are behind the status, the job, the relationships, behind the “rat race”.

Now the world has been on hold for the past year, it’s no wonder so many people are “waking”. We’ve been brought back to ourselves, our spirit. We’ve had the time to DIG DEEPER, whereas before we were more concerned about our next night out or holiday.

We’ve realised what matters and what doesn’t. And after all the pain and struggles we’ve encountered, we have realised that what matters is family, friends, connections, love, kindness, nature… all of the things money can’t buy.

So spirituality… is coming back to YOUR TRUE SELF, your INNER CHILD (Because there isn’t nothing more pure than a child). And what connects us more to our spirit are the “spiritual” practices – meditating, yoga, Reiki healing work, etc. These aren’t “superior”, you don’t have to be a spiritual guru to do these things. They are just practices that quiet our mind and they help with healing, anxiety and stress too, which will allow us to think more clearly and become more aligned with our REAL thoughts – our higher self thoughts, our true spirit… the thoughts that will light our soul up. (I call these thoughts GOD)… And those low vibration thoughts that tell you “you can’t do that, you’re not good enough for that, you will fail at that, you’re nothing”. (I call these thoughts my demons). The more you feed either one, the greater it will get.


Lately, I have been speaking about “God” and I spoke about how I got reading the bible. I had this urge to read it so I took that as a sign, I read a few hours worth of it, I couldn’t put it down, I felt mad reading it, I was actually DEEPING where life began and found myself up till 4am. After reading it I felt a huge shift. I’m not religious one bit, to be honest I never will be… I think that religion divides us and the rules put us into a “box”. I believe in God, the higher power, the source… I have an open relationship with GOD, no rules, just trying my best each day to shine love and light where I can, if I can. I think that’s where the beauty is, to have faith in something you can’t see. A bit like ourselves. Having faith in ourselves even if we can’t see the results for a while, but trusting everything will work out, all in divine timing.

When I say I’m spiritual…. I mean that I understand the meaning of life, it’s more than what I was ever taught, I found it myself, through my struggles and my pain and through a person I was “trying” to be. I found it whilst I was alone, in my darkness, searching for the answers. And I guess I found it in one of many a times I sat staring up into the stars, wondering how the fck I am even here on this universe. My meaning of life: CONNECTING TO THE SOURCE, THE THING THAT MADE EVERY ONE OF US AND ALL OF THE UNIVERSE, ENERGY. THE NATURAL RHYTHMS. DEATH/REBIRTH. TO LIVE. BE PRESENT. TO WONDER. EXPLORE. EDUCATE. FIND JOY IN EVERYTHING. TO GIVE.

My experience of spirituality… I’m not very visual when I meditate, I don’t vision things like some of my friends do. But I do feel a strong presence, I feel at peace by myself, I know that I’m protected and guided, for as long as I keep coming back to myself so that I can hear my intuition, the signs and the guidance clearly. When I’m out I notice everything: birds, animals, signs, different trees, random objects, number plates… whatever comes to my mind when I see something, I take as a sign. And that is how I’ve ended up where I am today, I literally connect to everything. (Especially the moon as you will all know… but maybe I’ll do a moon blog another time).

Whenever I find myself lost in the world and anxiety and stress creeps up on me, that’s when I know I need to connect back to spirit, to myself, to the source. When I am connected to spirit I am whole just as I am. When I am whole as I am, I am a magnet for anything I want. More importantly I am a magnet for living my soul purpose.

You don’t have to call yourself spiritual, you don’t have to be a spiritual guru. You just have to be yourself and nurture yourself. Every single day. There is still so much for me to learn on my journey, which brings me to a place of realising, NOBODY really knows anything, information is infinite. We aren’t ever going to know everything, there are too many perceptions, different views and facts, a good and bad to everything LITERALLY EVERYTHING. So I’ve realised that the best way to live my life, is to stay aligned and follow my gut instincts. What works for me may not work for someone else. We’re all gifted in different ways, find your gift!

If you are going through an awakening or if you have been through one, as well as the beautiful highs of it, it can get dark, gloomy, confusing and you may feel out of place in your usual environment as you start to out grow things/people. There will be times you feel isolated and lonely, like nobody close to you understands. My family didn’t at first, I was bat shit crazy probably, but that’s part of the process of the transition you have to feel uncomfortable to grow your wings. You have to keep pushing to your higher self even when it’s out of your comfort zone.

But it really does get worse before it gets better. The dark before the light. The caterpillar before the butterfly. If you want to change your whole life you have got to ride on through the dark transition phases and not lose faith in yourself and your journey.

So how to start your spiritual journey? Just BE YOU. Stop kidding yourself, listen to that gut instinct and see where the road takes you!

PS- Book “Rise Sister Rise” by Rebecca Campbell, amazing book to start your journey.

Lots of love,

Sasha xxx

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