#6 Our menstrual cycles are our biggest teachers

As a woman our menstrual cycles are the most powerful thing we have, yet so many of us want to suppress them because we hate having them. From the second I started my period it felt like a burden to me, every month I’d roll my eyes and just moan about this part of womanhood; the cramps, the blood, the tampons, the pads and just the inconvenience.


For 8 years I had been on contraception, from the implant, to pills, to the pill injection. For 5 of those years I didn’t have a single period. At the time it was great right?! Every girls dream. I had no idea what the side effects were. But for those 8 years I was constantly up and down. My moods fluctuated, my weight fluctuated, I felt all over the place, constantly depressed and just a little lost soul. I decided to stop taking contraception in 2018, after speaking to my doctor and asking her if it’s normal to not have a period in 5 years, to which she said “maybe it’s time you had a break” (she hadn’t a clue that I’d been on contraception that long even though she was giving it to me lol). It’s been a long process getting back in tune with my body and learning about my menstrual cycles, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I use the “Flo” app which tracks my periods, tells me when I am most and least fertile and it has so much extra information like how you may be feeling, how your skin may be, what foods you could eat to feel better and how your sex drive may feel and much more.


So, why is a woman’s menstrual cycle so powerful?

Your monthly cycle is a huge self development tool. We have 4 phases in our cycles. Each phase has a super power of its own, when we tune into them we can pretty much plan our lives around them because we know exactly how we’re going to feel each phase. The reason we burn out as women is because we don’t rest on our period days, we try to hammer through everything as normal when all our bodies want to do is rest. So then a few weeks down the line we crash and feel out of alignment because we just aren’t flowing with our cycles, we aren’t in tune with our bodies.


Just like mother earths four seasons, our cycles flow in the same way; spring, summer, autumn, winter. The days in each phase will differ for each individual so I won’t go into that here. (The Flo app will help you to work out your phases)


The four phases of your menstrual cycles;


    1. Pre-ovulation. (Spring phase)

This is the new beginnings of your cycle, time to refresh and start over. You’ll be full of new possibilities, enthusiasm, independence, determination, energised and positivity. You will feel much brighter. You will be ready to conquer the world. You have just dusted off your winter blues (your period phase) you’re ready to go again with brand new energies. This phase of your cycle is good for planning, dreaming and putting new ideas to paper.

     2. Ovulation. (Summer phase)

This is the most fun phase. You are blossoming. You’re in your complete power and getting things DONE. You have so much energy. Your creative juices will be flowing, you’ll be oozing with confidence, your skin and hair will be glowing and you’ll be damn well feeling yourself. You’ll be a little social butterfly. Flirtatious. Happy. You step into the complete fullness of who you are. This phase of the cycle is good for launching new things and making things happen.

     3. Premenstrual. (Autumn phase)

This is the grounding back down phase. You are grounding down from the summer phase and you’ll feel a drop in your “fun” energy. Now is not the time to play games. You know exactly what you want and you know your power. You’ll feel more serious. This phase of the cycle is good for letting go, refocusing and decluttering.

    4. Menstruation. (Winter phase)

This is the best part of your cycle and a time for you to rest up. This resting time is crucial for you to find the balance within yourself for the rest of the cycle. You are full of wisdom and this is a great time to get your thoughts down onto paper because you will feel most connected to source. This phase of the cycle is good for being with yourself and seeing what is rising in you, reflect on the past month and making decisions.


I have absolutely loved learning about my cycle and each phase. It’s made me realise I’m not a hormonal b*tch, I just need to listen to my body and the rest controls itself.


I truly believe that being in tune with my period cycle has healed me. I no longer feel like a lost little girl. My periods aren’t a burden, I fckin celebrate them. It empowers me to know that I am in complete flow and I trust the cycles. I surrender to them. I no longer suffer with period cramps, I get a few twinges but that’s about it, I used to lay curled up with a hot water bottle. I’ve realised that the way I talk to myself and how I feel about myself is important. I allow myself to bleed in peace, even if sometimes it’s through my clothes! I don’t complain about them, I just fully embrace being a woman and talk kindly to myself. So…. allow yourself to bleed and be kind to yourself, feel the period cramps, don’t hate them or suppress them with pain relief. I can guarantee you heal yourself in those moments of embracing your cycle and you will also heal the physical pain too!

It takes time, patience and sacrifice but it’s investing in yourself, self development and getting your body back to it’s full natural state  


(PS I am writing this from my experience, so if it doesn’t resonate with you then that’s ok, I understand everyone is different and what works for one won’t work for another. Not everyone will feel drawn to it or agree with it.)


Lots of love,

Sasha xxx

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